About Us

Starry Collection is a luxury high-end jewellery company in Sydney. We are  located in the Sydney CBD at George Street. Starry Collection provides colored diamind stones and jewellery customised service.

The mission of Starry Collection is to provide jewellery as eternity treasure to customers. Starry Collection selects high quality colored rough diamonds through argyle diamond mine Westen Australia and worldwild diamond miners. The colored diamonds we purchase from worldwide private collecters are even unimaginable beyond rare. Due to plentiful of cooperation experience in many years, Starry Collection has always been capable of gaining first-hand information when miners discover new roughs in very high end series. 

Starry Collection insists in professional handmade diamond cutting, polishing and setting. Even about the assistant-diamond, we are choosing the colorless, over VS1 clarity, no fluorescenceto diamond to compete our piece art. In addition, Starry Collection also has selected designer group to assist each rare colored diamonds to go beyond rare.

Each colored diamond from Starry Collection is attached with international lab certificate, such as GIA ,GRS or Gubelin These certificates could assure purchase and investment.

In both Australia ,China,US,Europe and Israel, Starry Collection has our own united partners , which ensure to provide effective after-sale service comprehensively. In addition, Starry Collection cooperates with  Allianz by offering insurance service to protect customers’ jewellery. Moreover, Starry Collection also has cooperating with Sotheby, Poly Auction and CHRISTI’S, which could help customers to achieve highest return on your investments.